Each ceremony is to creatively designed to fit the bride and groom, their personality, history and their vision for their wedding day. We are at your wedding only to serve. We have not other desire than to create a memorable ceremony that reflects the bride and groom.

We bring a vast experience of ideas, leadership and stability to these special events.

We are able to travel to the wedding, and are comfortable with weddings held in formal church settings to very informal services on the beach. Some locations where we have performed weddings include wineries, restaurants, backyards, forests, cliffs, and even rodeo arenas.

After our initial phone call it is best to begin with a meeting with your officiate to become acquainted and talk through the ceremony.  The first meeting typically takes 90 minutes.  And it is fun!

We bring a welcome packet for the bride and groom which includes many wonderful ideas and samples to make the wedding a special event, including a time line check list of things to do before the wedding day. The packet also includes a disk full of ideas for vows, devotions and ceremonies.

At the first meeting we sign a contract at the beginning of our working together so there are no surprises as to prices or services.

We continue to email or phone to work out the specifics of vows and other parts of the ceremony.  We are not happy until you are thrilled with the ceremony.  You get to see the ceremony prior to the rehearsal and have full editorial privilege throughout the entire process. (Beware officiates who ‘wing it’ or won’t let you see what they are going to say)

We are available to additional meetings if needed.

After the rehearsal we perform the ceremony with a personal style and sense of joy and celebration. Finally we file the legal paperwork with the county to have your marriage properly recorded.